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"One reason I make music is that I know what it is to be silenced by people of privilege. My records & tours are protests/perseverance."



Racks and stacks for the Summerland Tour when they came through town. Brought to you by d&b:

  • D12 power amps.
  • J8/J12 hangs.
  • J subs.
  • V series outfills.
  • M4 monitors
  • M2/B2 drum monitor.

And yes, the five monitors in a row was used for one artist, who had broken his in-ear monitors.

That drum fill has more power and speaker coverage than my entire venue….

Anybody else think that monitor setup is just a little excessive? :p

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Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm


the rock is fucking precious

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My FOH from the weekend at Party in the Pines. 

My FOH from the weekend at Party in the Pines. 

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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

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Anatomy of Songs [wronghands]

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